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Vehicle Wrap

Vehicle Wrap and Vehicle Decal Graphics

“Turn your vehicle into a 24 hour Sales Rep that works for you"

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Wraps are a great investment for any business or company looking to maximize their advertisement dollars spend. Vehicle wraps are salesmen on the road for you every day 24 hours a day.
If your driving or your vehicle is parked at your headquarters or where ever, it really doesn’t matter. When you have amazing eye popping graphics that tell a consistent story of your business
on your vehicle it speaks volumes in several ways!
1st – It makes your company look more professional and also shows customers that you take pride in your company and services. So much so that your willing to invest big money and advertise on your vehicles. If you have several vehicles that are wrapped nice like a fleet of vehicles, it also shows consistency with your marketing and let’s customers feel that you can be trusted and are not going to just disappear any time soon.
2nd – It brings you business while your doing your regular everyday business with out having to pay someone to be out there marketing for you every day and night. If you use sales psychology in the design it’s very effective. At Custom Image Pros we turn vehicle wraps literally into very successful sales psychology marketing machines. This creates consistent flow of new customers calling you about your business and services everyday.
3rd – One of my favorite things is perceived value is increased by having vehicle wraps. Here’s why. When a customer sees a company with nice vehicles with professional wraps on them, it already tells this customer that your company or business is more professional and care about their customers. Think about it for a second. It makes someone feel as though they will treat their

customers with more care, professionalism and really stand by their work and company, so much so that we brand all our vehicles with company logos, mission statements, services, samples of work and our contact info. When you make customers feel this way you can justify raising prices to a fair price but one that pays more then someone who doesn’t have professional vehicle wraps. Click to see what these customers have said about our vehicle wraps and our services we provided through vehicle marketing!Click thumbnails above to view more Intelligent Foundation work

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