Student Choice High School Vinyl Windows and Van Vehicle Wrap

Student Choice came to us to help them with some new 2017 re-branding. We quickly designed them a whole new marketing campaign for there newest passenger van and Tempe Arizona location. For this project we printed a quality nice picture of a  student graduating, then we laminated it and die cut out the large vinyl decal to apply to there new office outside windows.Here’s a quick picture of the before and after of the final installed window decals.

studentchoice-vinyl-decal-windows Along with that we got to continue the branding onto there newest Ford 12 passenger van. We installed this on the best vinyl wrap material around the complete van. The van had a consistent marketing, colors and story that was also used for the vinyl windows.

Here’s a great picture of the full vehicle print and final install on the drivers side


Here’s a great close up picture of the vehicle wrap side detail


This is a great picture of the back of the van vehicle graphics and install


The client was very happy with the service and quality of work and since then have gone on to do several other projects with them including business cards, rack flyer cards, double sided A-frames, Flags, Banners and more.