New Business Start-Up Projects


One of our great clients is Sports Authentics Inc. in Chino, Ca. They are Socal’s #1 provider of all autographed sports memorabilia, gifts and celebraity memorabilia. They contacted us to rebrand there entire comapny with new corporate Identity logo, apparel, new updated web-site, business cards and promotional flyers, and social media post designs. There new logo was exactly what they wanted and were so excited how everything turned out. We created a beautiful new current full screen slide show site with custom store to sell our there millions of products. If your looking for amazing highest quality memorabilia from your favorite celebraties.


Logo Design

We love helping new valuable exciting new business with their logo. It’s important that the logo creation have strategy, meaning, purpose and a story behind the design. We were more then excited when Intelligent Foundation called us to help the strategize a new company logo and software product logo. This company is simply amazing. They have a heart to improve the education and school system through new innovative software that is completely brand new. We love the challenges that come with creating a cool amazing brand logo that people see a story behind.

Vehicle Wrap

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Wraps are a great investment for any business or company looking to maximize their advertisement dollars spend. Vehicle wraps are salesmen on the road for you every day 24 hours a day. If your driving or your vehicle is parked at your headquarters or where ever, it really doesn’t matter. When you have amazing eye popping graphics that tell a consistent story of your business on your vehicle it speaks volumes in several ways!

Indoor Signs

Engraved Signs | Printed Signs | Laser Die-Cut Signs | Screen Printed Signs | Digital Printed Signs | 3d Signs | Multi-Material Signs

Indoor signs can really make put a stamp of professionalism on any company, business, restaurant, retail location or business. At Custom Image Pros we have all the equipment in house at our finger tips to make any indoor sign project a complete success. Weather your screen printing a sign with laser etching, die cutting custom made shaped signs out of styrene plastic or creating printed acrylic signs, we got it covered. We have done complete full scale massive indoor sign projects for some of the largest hotel chains in the USA and also work with many family owned smaller business. We can even design up and create any beautiful unique indoor signs to give your establishment the WOW factor it deserves.

Outdoor Signs

LED Signs | Halo Back-Lit Signs | Pan Channel Signs | Reverse Pan Channel Signs | Monument Signs | Pylon Signs | Neon Signs

Outdoor signs are a very important key to creating a successful thriving business! Especially if they are done with the consumer in mind and great use of sales psychology thought behind your sign. When done professionally correct your outdoor sign can create quite a bit of public foot traffic. Another great function is that when you have a professional outdoor sign it lets the consumers know on a subconscious level that they trust your business. It shows them that you have so much belief in your business that you’re willing to put investment into your brand or company. Let’s not forget another crucial great benefit is that an LED sign that’s lit up serves your future customers as a landmark to make finding your business, company or store much easier. Last it can also be a great tool to tell people that don’t know you exist what your service, business or company does right away. This can be one of your best options to grow from the creation of more traffic in your business.


T-shirts | Sweatshirts | Jackets | Hats | Beanies | Sport Jerseys | School Apparel | Uniforms | Cut & Sew | Screen Printing | Embroidery | Sublimatiuon

Apparel Is a great way keep your team branded professional and looking great.  Other great areas for apparel are events. It’s a amazing way to promote your products, service or brand in a decently cost effective way. If you have a clothing brand, company or an event we would love to help you with some amazing screen printed t-shirts or embroidery some nice hats for you. We also do a wide range of screen printed apparel garments like sweatshirts, sweatpants,  moister wicking shirts, work shirts, shorts, jackets and so much more click the quote button above to get a quick price on your next project.