Jay V Artist Vinyl Decals & Business Cards

Jay V is an amazing Scottsdale artist that specialty is in Pop Art of Iconic Celebrities, Political and Athletes. His design stlye is truly amazing and one of a kind. So when he called Custom Image Pros LLC. to do some prints, vinyl decals and business cards it’s an understatement to say we were excited to work with him.

We created a nice business card that transferred over his pop culture design style, but still gave him the professional look he was looking for. I was really happy with the look and especially like how we tied in the black and gold to give it that classy artist feel.


His unique special well know money series has been such a success for him that he can’t paint them fast enough! This is where Custom Image Pros LLC. came in and helped him to solve this problem and speed up his production time immensely. One of his biggest problems was that the seals and words were very time consuming and difficult to paint being so small.

So came up with a solution of reverse vinyl cutting decals so he can apply them to the painting and paint them much quicker. Then he can remove the vinyl sticker when paint drys and quick touch up and be done. Below is a before and after of the seal part for his famously popular money series.

recreating bad design art

ben franklin pop art design painting


If your not aware of his art here are some other well known painting designs he does.He is well know for his Marvel and comic book hero’s and villains in his amazing eye popping pop culture signature style. This batman is one of our personal favorites

batman design pop art painting

chineese dragon pop culture design painting

marlyin pop culture design painting


For more of his work and to become a fan visit his personal art website at


or follow him on Instagram at  https://www.instagram.com/jay.v.art/


Jay V Artist Vinyl Decals & Business Cards