Keller Williams Foil Business Cards

One of Keller Williams premier real estate team’s contacted us about creating some more professional cards plus some cool new marketing and branding items. We created some new fresh clean business cards with spot gold foil.

Real Estate Foil Business Cards

In addition of this card we also conceptualized a great giveaway 2017 magnet calendar that came out fantastic! We kept the gold theme branded through the printed vinyl material that we mounted on the finished magnetic material. There clients loved the free gift.


Magnetic calendar’s make a great way to create another touch point to get in front of your clients. There fairly inexspensive and make a really great FREE giveaway. There’s 3 major reasons I recommend these great marketing gifts.

1) They are fairly inexpensive so giving them away free dosen’t break the bank!

2) They are very functional what client wouldn’t want a free  magnet calendar to add to there fridge or cabinet to remind them of the holidays and keep track of the new year!

3) They will last a whole year! unlike other traditional methods like flyers, mailers, business cards that typically get thrown in the trash, your new branded magnetic design calendar will be useful all year long. So every time anyone walks by it they will see your branding and have your contact always handy.

So think about what you would like to do for next year 2018 for your marketing your brand, company or self, I vote make some calendars we have had a lot of success with them.



Keller Williams Foil Business Cards