Irregular 4 Christ Banner Design and Prints

I am always excited when I see people out there making a living at what their truly passionate about and love, But i am even more excited when I meet and work with someone that also is storing up his treasure in the heavily kingdom and is out there using his gift to help others come to Christ and join his army.

Well this month I have the privilege to not only meet someone special like this but also had a great opportunity to help them with there mission in life. Dusty Marshall is one of these rare humans that not only has an amazing gift of rap and hip hop but also has great testimony of faith plus he backs it up as he’s out there doing Gods work!! When he contacted me to make a special banner promoting his new album and non profit Ireagular4christ   I was fully on board. We designed a special banner with his daughter who is a testament of God’s grace and His tremendous miracles!


The final Banners graphic design came out very nice and he was extremely pleased with the final outcome. It was just in time for his east coast tour to promote his new album and ministry Irregular 4 Christ.




Check out this artist and support his mission. It’s changing lives all around the country! Here’s a great new video of one of the songs on the new album>

Irregular 4 Christ Banner Design and Prints