Huesman Truck Wrap Design and Install

Sometimes vehicle wrap customers don’t always choose the first concept and that’s OK! Not everyone has the same vision and design taste. At Custom Image Pros LLC. more times then not we can really catch the clients design vision and get it right or very close to right the first go, But not even Babe Ruth hit homers 100% of the time.

One thing I know for certain is that I am OK with someone not selecting our design and wanting to be more hands on in the creative thinking department. In fact sometimes I welcome it to get a break from having our wheels spinning 24 seven lol.

Chris at Huesman was one of these customers that we hit a solid single first go but needed to get on base to move the design project forward. Then we let him show some concepts he really liked and then we went up to bat again and hit a triple. the 3rd time was the home run. Below is a sample of the design conceptual process and how it progressed to the final end result! Chris and his partner completely happy with final result.


After this process and we get the concept there’s still a quite of bit of work to be done recreating all the files of the truck to sized art so that all vinyl printed will be correct with plenty of bleed to allow shifting so that if a certain part of vehicle is obscuring a important part of the vehicle graphic design, we can slightly move to better position. Here is a small sample of what the print files looked like.

Vehicle Wrap Design printed sized file
Once we have the print files all done its off to the races laminating the vehicle wrap material and ready to cut and install. This design came out pretty awesome and is a true testament to Custom Image Pros consistent 110% effort to give the customer a great final end product even if it means changing the design till they are 110% happy. Also our attention to detail as you can see the concept is pretty spot on with final vehicle wrap installed!



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Thanks Tim



Huesman Truck Wrap Design and Install