Pizza Flyer design Make Over

A pizza brand makeover is what we did for Redline Pizzeria in Mesa Arizona. They brought us a previous flyer and said to just copy it exact. After talking with Mario I explained to him his previous design company that did his flyer did not take pride in there work. They were just in it for the money and it showed obviously! You might ask why do  I make such bold claims?

Well here’s why, first the the main pizza background image was a very poor bit mapped image and not very professional or quality image. Second all the colors were off on the individual images were not colorized correctly and makes the food look very unappetizing.  The biggest thing for me is it was not very functional. I can live with a little low resolution images as long as the design composition of colors, spacing and balance make it easy on the eyes and not so hard to retain the information. Well his original flyer design failed in this category also.

This kind of flyer design is more difficult to make it look not so busy since there’s so much important information on the flyer. It takes someone with a lot of working experience to make it flow nicely and easy on the eyes to read. I told Mario I was not only up for the task but I will deliver and that’s just what we did. See the total transformation and let me know in comment below of what you think.

Front Flyer design and Print Before / After


Back Flyer design and Print Before / After

redline pizza printed-advertisement flyer

What we did first was replace the background poor image with a beautiful high quality picture of a mouth watering color correct pizza with melted cheese. Next took out the 80’s gradient yellow eye soar of a background and let your eyes really take notice of background pizza and vegetables.  Then we added the scissor coupon titles look to highlight Key important information and also break up the design so it would be easily digestible look professional. Plus we took out all the black writing then blends together and put in cut out coupon design circles that represents pizza pans!  top it off with pinch of some traditional red checkered pattern pizza designer table cloth and Bang!

You have a very designed professional flyer that’s not only very functional but tells a brand story about Pizza and this Pizzeria Family owned Restaurant. Mario was extremely happy with the results, so much so that he even had us print them for him and he’s been a very good customer for over a year now!

See the final printed pizza design flyers here. They were printed on 100LB gloss with UV coating.

final print uv coating pizza design flyers

If you have a restaurant and want a company that can not only design and print you a great looking functional flyers, but also truly will treat your business as if it was our own like we did for Mario at Redline Pizzeria then click here and start a quote for some projects and let’s become bossiness partners and family today!

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Pizza Flyer design Make Over