Brilliant Marketing Box Truck Wrap Idea!

November has been a very busy month. We had the privilege  to design and wrap a box truck for one of our clients.

Arizona Investment Link wanted to cover a old looking box truck they just purchased with beautiful graphics to help promote their

business. The idea was brilliant to buy a box truck for moving and anyone that lists, sells or buys a home can use it for FREE. This

is what i call hybrid ultra amazing marketing on so many levels! Let’s break this down so you can do some similar marketing tactic ideas

to create more business and also guarantee to keep the existing business for very long term with this strategy!


  • 1) They use this to add huge value and greatly benefit to their existing clients and also a marketing magnet to connect with more new clients. By allowing clients to use their truck for FREE to move, this creates a tremendous
    convenience and also SAVINGS!

  • 2) Buy having it wrapped it is a constant sales rep on the road for you everywhere it’s parked, driven and you can even use it at events! Plus as a bonus by them allowing people to use it to move for FREE, this also is brilliant as it goes everywhere! imagine having a sales rep driving everywhere for you and never in the same routes!

  • 3) Another huge benefit testimonials of people who brought a home, sold a home to them in front of their Box
    truck wrap! this gives social proof and credibility to everyone that goes on their site and just reinforces the decision to do business with them!

  • 4) There’s also reciprocation for helping people out so much it creates magnetized good will continually coming back to you! More great fortune, health, deals and prosperity in every aspect of your life!

  • Last It’s a huge tax write off by using the wrap work done, the maintenance on the vehicle, gas etc. you are creating more bottom line for your business! If this isn’t enough to prove that vehicle wraps are such a good investment on so many levels i would say i am speechless! Haha.

Check out the work flow video here and also check out the sample images of before, after and the smiles on all the Thankful customers that have been blessed to use the truck! It’s truly amazing what Jason has built and how he goes above and beyond the call of service to help others!

box truck moving vehicle wrap  Back door vehicle wrap



Happy Clients using the Wrapped Moving Truck

vinyl wrapped moving truckblack vinyl wrapped moving truckblack Cusotm vinyl wrapped moving truck


If you have need some help to create an amazing 24hr sales rep for your business, company, or store click the link below and lets connect soon!

Brilliant Marketing Box Truck Wrap Idea!