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Preschool Pan Channel Sign

Fun times building this Pan Channel Outdoor Sign for Maxwell Preschool Academy


What a blessing to be able to work with great companies and people to design, engineer and

produce such a large fun colorful  illuminated pan channel signs.


this project had 3 important parts to the job.

  1. we had to remove an old raceway sign and repurpose it for the next new sign. we used 1 bucket van and 1 oscillating 2 man bucket with crane to lower down the raceway as it was 250lbs with all the old neon light power supplies. A fun fact was it took us over 1hr just to clean out the old bird nests all filled inside it.  Once the raceway was done we had to clean inside fill all old neon sign wiring holes, prime then paint and add all the new pan channel sign power supplies. Once all that was done it was ready to mount all letters channel letters on raceway to be ready for install.


2. We had to start building the sign after we got city permit approval of the Pan Channel Sign. In order to make the sign we needed a good clean vector file of all the lettering to make this pan channel custom letter sign.

We started with taking the clients bad resolution company logo  jpeg file and recreating the art to make  it a clean graphic design illustrator .ai file. Once we have that we cut all the aluminum backs and acylic pan channel faces.  Once all backs and fronts were cut then it was time to start marking letter bends for all curves angles and areas that the returns needed to form to the letter backs. After all pan channel letter returns are all formed to the aluminum backs then notch and bend channel edge returns and start to rivet all the letter edge returns to the backs.

After all this we have pan channel letter cans and we can add the leds to back of channel letters and vinyl all the pan channel letter faces and trim cap all letters. Last part of the LED PAN CHANNEL SIGN MAKING PROCESS is we add silicone to the inside edges of the channel letters  for any light leaks Finally we fasten all pan channel letters to the raceway and were ready for install.

See the whole process through pictures in the slide show below.

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3) Now we cross the finish line and install the new sign. In this case since the sign was so heavy we had to use our crane and our other bucket to hoist the Pan channel sign that’s bolted to the raceway up so we can attach it to the building fascia with heavy duty bolts.


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