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There are many types of styles, materials, looks and locations to put outside signs. We can create just about anything you want or can dream up. Our team has over 45+ years of experience designing, permitting, building, and installing all types of outside signs for businesses through-out all Arizona

Custom Image Pros LLC. is here to serve you with any commercial sign needs you may have. We provide sign service In all areas of Phoenix and all East Valley Arizona Cities. Our team is great at listening to all your goals of every sign project, but we will also be truthful and honest at what the city and center will allow.

Together we will brainstorm up the perfect sign solution that will be affordable, fit within the city sign permitting guidelines and look fantastic on your building. We are here to provide the best functional sign option that will not only look professional and amazing but more importantly will do the job of helping your business capture more customers through traffic on the street!

Pan Channel signs are the most common signs we make. If your not familiar with the name they are also called LED signs, channel signs and some even refer to them as 3d signs.

They are essentially a channel fabricated out of aluminum coil and bent round a back cut piece of aluminum to form the letter or shape of your sign. We then rivet that backer sign piece to the aluminum sign coil and this makes a channel or the return. The return is the depth of the sign.

Once the returns are formed we then place UL rated LED lights on the back of the channels to shine forward through the front faces of the sign. Last part of the fabrication sign process is to make the faces.

The faces are made by cutting sign grade acrylic in the shapes of the letters or whatever sign logo shapes to form the front of the sign. Next we use special sign glue to bond the trim cap to the acrylic sign faces. This process allows our sign installation team to screw the sign faces to the sign channels and completes the pan channel sign.



Reverse Pan Channel signs also refereed to as RPC signs are the next most popular sign. These signs are very classy looking and often used for the beauty industry, medical, some higher scale restaurants and professional business signs.

They are essentially a Pan Channel sign flipped backwards meaning the back aluminum sign plate is now in front and the open channel is facing the building in the back of the sign. The front of the sign or sign face is solid paint and no longer translucent sign grade acrylic. This means the back is either open or has translucent sign grade acrylic for the light to shine through another key point is there are a few options with RPC reverse pan channel letter signs.

1) you can make these signs with LED illumination, but the biggest difference is the lights will shine opposite way as a pan channel sign. The lights on RPC sign shines towards the wall and the light bounces off the wall and makes a halo glow effect. This effect is also know as a reverse pan channel halo sign or back-lit sign. This effect makes the front of the sign at night appear blacked out and adds a nice elegant soft glow effect around the sign.

2) Another great point to highlight is how they are installed. If were reflecting LED lights off the building to create the nice glow effect around the sign then the installation of the sign while be offset off the building usually 1”-3” and installed with sign L brackets or spacers. By installing this way it allows the light to reflect off the fascia wall and create the soft glow around the edges of the sign that were looking for. However we fabricate a ton of NON lit LED reverse pan channel signs throughout all Arizona. Non lit can be installed either offset or flush to the building using the same sign fastening hardware.

3) last idea to mention is you can do both pan channel and reverse pan channel sign styles simultaneously on the same sign which adds a very nice look and can really set you apart from your competitors in your same market. This type of sign has illumination from the front and also shows a back lit glow effect around the sign. When we create this style usually it’s a different color contrast that we use for the sign faces bad the halo lit glow effect. Heres a few examples below to show you what i mean.

Channel letter Signs

Most Arizona cities require that you put up channel letter signs on your building structure. Channel letter signs refereed to as Pan channel signs are the most common and economical sign you can make for your business. These signs light from the back of the letter shinning out the front or the sign letter face through the transparent vinyl and white acrylic.

Some signs can be done without colored translucent vinyl and can just be colored acrylic sign faces. If your sign colors consist of a more basic primary color we can in most cases just use colored acrylic.


Some of the main primary colors we can get acrylic in are as follows:

White Acrylic sign Faces

Red Acrylic sign Faces

Yellow Acrylic sign Faces

Blue Acrylic sign Faces

Green Acrylic sign Faces

Orange Acrylic sign Faces

When you want to get a more custom solid color for your letter sign, then there a good amount of translucent sign vinyls to match or come close to matching just about any color you can imagine. All we would do is mount the translucent vinyl on the acrylic sign face. Then we would trim the edge around the sign face and add the sign trim cap.

One thing to keep in mind that just because we have the stock and option of making the custom sign color you want, this does not always mean the city or building owner will allow it. Often times the city sign permitting department has only a specific color of channel sign letters that are in the center and city sign criteria for the building. So a good rule of thumb is to make sure you have the sign company check before you waste allot of time designing something that the city won’t even allow. Custom Image Pros does a extensive sign criteria check on the requirements and come up with a perfect channel letter solution to meet your building sign goals.

One last good point is some city permitting sign departments won’t even allow custom sign letters and your only option will be to make a specific sign letter basic font.

you’re searching for “outdoor led signs for business” in Phoenix, Custom Image Pro Signs can help! Receive a free LED sign quote for design, permitting, fabrication, and installation by giving Custom Image Pros LLC. a call at 480-597-3649.

Here are 10 reasons that Led Illuminated signs are a one of the most important purchase in your business and a great investment that you will get a 10 fold return on.

1) Led signs are a fantastic way to show your target customers that you are a professional business they can trust and do business with. When you invest in your business with a nice branded outdoor sign it let’s the public know that you are here to stay and care about your business.

2) They are also great advertisement even when it’s not during your business hours. Why wouldn’t you want a beautiful professional illuminated sign screaming to the world our business is here and we can serve you in this area of your life!

3) They are a constant brand statement 24 hrs a day. Making your brand known is very important and what better way then creating a sign with your logo the front of the building. The average customer will not try out your service or buy your products till 7-12 times after seeing your sign logo!

4) You can have multiple LED signs a lot of the times making all sides of your building a great advertisement for your services and product.

5) It’s a very low cost to run the sign once the initial sign is paid for. The new LED sign modules inside the signs are very low watts and require very low amount of power to run the illuminated sign lights at night.

6) They are a great way to find your business Having a large sign on the building in multiple locations even better make it easy to find your busies location which in the long game allows less customers to get frustrated and decide not to visit your business.

7) LEDs are exceptionally durable and are built with solid components that are highly rugged and can withstand even the most severe weather storms and conditions. This makes your illuminated sign to function well and be able to be installed in any location

8) LED Illuminated signs also can last a very long time and are very affordable. Because they are relatively light weight you can fasten them on just about any building and they will be secured very strong and have no issues of them falling down.

9) Another great reason to invest in a Illuminated LED sign is that you can easily transfer them to another location if your business moves.

10) I would say number 10 is definitely one of the best reasons. If you invest in a amazing attention grabbing Illuminated LED sign it will not only brand your business well, but more importantly it will make you stand out over your competition. Think about if your business has a nice colorful sign and the business down the street that is same service or products only has a old looking banner sign or a sign that doesn’t light up at night. This automatically will set you apart from this competitor. The banner sign will not be as visible at night and your sign will be seen clearly from the street. This 1 benefit is the biggest thing that will give you a massive return on the illuminated sign investment.

We would love to earn your trust and business by creating your next beautiful Illuminated LED sign for your business.

The best way to get attention and to advertise your business is through multiple location outdoor signs. This way more street traffic will come to your business from more then one street entrance. Custom Image Pros has many clients in the restaurant, gyms, health, churches, schools, salon and service businesses that have multiple business locations. Many of these business have franchise and have multiple building sign and monument sign locations. We can help you with as many signs as you need for more then 1 building sides, monument panels and other city locations.

We can help you design, permit, fabricate and install your signs in many locations. Shoot us an email at tim@customimagepros.com and let us help you come up with a great solution for your next multi location signs project.


Some Arizona centers require that you put your sign on a raceway. Raceways are typically painted aluminum large rectangle boxes that hold all your sign electrical wires, power supply and the switch inside the box.

There are pros and cons to using a sign raceway.

One big benefit factor is that it cuts down on install time greatly since your pan channel sign is already fastened to the raceway and you just have to bolt the raceway to the building fascia. Keep in mind that even though the sign installation time is cut down greatly raceway type signs tend to be much higher in price due to the extra material and labor in fabrication and painting the sign raceway.

Another great pro to signs that are mounted to a raceway is the building stays in better shape due to not every pan channel sign letter needing to be drilled into and fastened to the building. For this reason alone there are allot of business centers that require the use of a sign raceway so the building has only a few holes to be drilled.

One of the best pros to using a sign on a raceway would be the aesthetics of making a sign raceway box part of the design like the sample we did for the reptile store in Phoenix below.


In this example were making the Pan channel sign on top of the green box allowing the box to act like a sign raceway, but still using the raceway to be part of the overall artistic sign. Couple last pros is sometimes there are already raceways on the buildings so we can take them down cover holes repaint and re-purpose for your sign to save lots of money instead of building a new one and they are also relatively easy to take down and reinstall in another location if the business moves locations. Now the cons, they are almost always more money and often items they are much heavier and require a separate crane and separate sign bucket truck to hoist them up so they can be fastened to the building.

We help lots of businesses in Arizona decide the best sign solution and best and most affordable way if a raceway sign is needed or wanted to make it part of the artistic design of the sign.