Preschool Pan Channel Sign


Fun times building this Pan Channel Outdoor Sign for Maxwell Preschool Academy What a blessing to be able to work with great companies and people to design, engineer and produce such a large fun colorful¬† illuminated pan channel signs.   this project had 3 important parts to the job. we had to remove an old […]

Our Latest Sign Project


Our latest LED sign project was fun, rewarding but also a great challenge! The challenge was how to install the sign on a very large curved building face while making it strong enough to withstand and weather or wind. The curve was not the only issue, as we had to create and design a way […]

How’s My Driving Golf Event Marketing

One of the best feelings in a design, print and sign business is getting to work on special projects that are not only fun to work on but even more importantly a project or client that is making a difference in the local community! POSA outreach is one of those clients and we get the […]

New Beginnings

Phoenix Print Shop

New beginnings in 2017.